Stephen Guest, Ph. D.

Senior Technical Consultant

Steve brings a wealth of both theoretical and practical application experience to Conquent. His career spans the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In addition to a distinguished academic career teaching various courses in Computer Science, Steve has a strong Project Management background. Industries include software/technology, non-profit, governmental, real estate, and manufacturing.

Organizations Steve has worked with include Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, British Telecom, Dutch PTT, HP and IBM; professional organzations such as the UK Bar Association, ACM and CHI; academic institutions including Loughborough University, the University of Washington, University of Phoenix, Seattle Central Community College. He has worked as a technology advisor and consultant globally for governmental entities in the UK, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Netherlands, the EU, and the US.

Steve has over 150 publications to his credit. His technical expertise is particularly strong in Human Computer Interaction, Networking, VoIP, and Mobile Computing. He received his Ph. D. in Computer Science from Leicester Polytechnic, UK.

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